Private Performance With Jack Kennedy Mar 3!!!


Saturday March 3! Special Private Performance With Jack Kennedy!!

Join us for a great night of music with Jack Kennedy!

Don’t miss this special private performance at INSIDE!

“He’s pretty good. You should hear him.”

For a more informational approach: “I have been playing guitar for a gazillion years, performing for twenty and writing my own songs for more than 15 years.

My songs are eclectic – folk, swing, country, blues, jazz – and easy to listen to and relate to.

I take extra care to make sure that my lyrics are very clearly sung and that the words are as on point as they can be.

I tend to insert twists here and there (and everywhere) as well as make oblique references.

My intent is to do my best to give you new songs that will interest, amuse and/or connect with you.”

Doors open at 6:30pm.

$10 Covercharge…RSVP your tickets by clicking the Add To Cart button below…

BYOB is ok, please be responsible.


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